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Friday, January 15, 2016 Syahirah Skylar 5 Comments

Hello Readers!

       Well, it has been a while since i last post an update on this blog.  It's been what? almost a month?  If you had follow me on twitter and instagram you would have know what i had been up to since i'm constantly tweeting and posting pictures on instagram.  If you have not follow me on there you can go click on the follow button on the twitter widget that i had put on the sidebar or just go log in on twitter and search for SyahirahSkylar.  Same goes for instagram.  It can be a new platform for us to connect and interact more.  I would love to talk to you guys and don't be shy to tweet me anytime.  I will definitely tweet you back just like how i respond to those who comments on my post.

       Anyway, back to the topic. you can see the title of this post is "My Munchkin" which i'm referring to my two cousins from my mum side.  I actually have about almost 25 cousins on my dad side but i have only 3 cousins from my mum side.  I rarely see one of them cause my uncle lives in Sabah which requires me to take an airplane to go there.  

       The reason why i always refer them as Munchkins is because my mum and i are very close to them and they are like my own little brothers.  I watch them growing up.  In case you're wondering, that's them in the picture above.  Harith is on the left and Adam is on the right.  This picture was taken 2 years ago in my mum's car on our way to the airport.  It was the day they left Malaysia and moved to Adelaide,South Australia.  The reason they move was because my aunt decided to further her study and get a PhD. 

       On the previous 15th December 2015 they came back here for a visit for 10 days.  My mum and i tried to spend as much time as we can with them within the 10 days. Which is why i had been inactive to write a post.  I had spend my days with them coming over to play nintendo wii.  I had it since i was about 12 years old but never really expose it to them since they were too young to appreciates the game before.  Now that they are 5 and 7 years old they can learn to appreciate the game and have fun with it.

       I see quite a lot of changes in them but still have the same personalities.   One of the obvious changes is in their appearance.  They both are taller than the last time i met them. They both seem to be more grown up and their baby face seem to fade. Other than that, the most obvious changes is that they naturally speak english. It is not that they don't understand or couldn't speak malay, but they feel more comfortable with english and that they are so use to use it in daily conversation.  I love their Australian  accent.  Honestly, i really do miss hearing Australian accent.  It feel's nice to be able to speak to them in english and pick up some tone and trying to get a little of my Australian accent back that seem to fade through out the years since i got back from Australia in 2010.

       I love seeing how carefree they are now.  Base on my observation, kids in Australia tend to express themselves better than the kids here.  They are talkative and not afraid to say what they feel and i think it is a good childhood development.  There was a time when we're all taking a group selfie. Adam was standing behind my aunt who was sitting on a couch.  Adam put his hand around my aunt's neck and somehow starts leaning on her causing her to bow down during the selfie session.  We looked back at the picture taken and turns out that we couldn't really see my aunt's face. Knowing this, Adam suddenly frown and say to my aunt "We can't see your face in the picture and it's all my fault.  I feel bad."  Can you believe that a 5 year old boy utter those words?  I also remember that a few years ago in Perth, my mum's friend's daughter, Alya just started to go to kindergarten and she is very talkative.  My mum's friend told us a story of when Alya did something that somehow cause her dad to get annoyed and mad, so he raised his voice a little at her.  How do you think Alya react and respond?  Well she replied to her dad that saying "Daddy, please don't talk to me like that. You make me sad..." in such a humble tone.  I somehow find this cute and somehow appeal to pity.  I think it's good that a child able to express how they feel and it make us aware that the child has feelings too.

       I love hearing stories about Harith and Adam. I love the fact that they both are having fun in Adelaide. Harith became active in sports such as soccer and footy.  Footy is Australian slang for Australian Football. Just so you know Australian football is different than those American Football you see in movies and tv shows.  You can try look it up on google or youtube. Adam seem to be good in reading and actually get a certificate on it.  One thing in Australia is that they really appreciate children's effort.  They give out certificates base on their progress in class and how they develop.  You don't need to be number one in class to get a certificate. In fact, they don't have those yearly exam or those term exam. They do have to take Naplan test in year 3,5,7 and 8 if i'm not mistaken but it's not something to be too stressful about.  Also, they both now are able to swim.  In Australia, they encourage kids to start going to swimming lessons at a young age and it was something i enjoyed back then too. I dont know why, but i somehow feel happy that they both are able to get the experience of growing in that kind of environment. i somehow feel like it is something they both and i had in common since i used to live there for 4 years.


       This is them now. This picture was taken when we went to Farm in the City. Such a nice place to bring kids and expose them to different kind of animals.  Love seeing them getting so hyped and excited to feed those animals and go on a pony ride.  Looking back at this picture now kinda make me miss them now.  I guess i should end this post now before it become too long for you guys to read. Have a nice day everybody!

       P.S. I hope you enjoy reading this post about my muchkins haha, How many cousins you guys have? and what are they like? leave your comments below. Feel free to let out thoughts in the comment. ALSO, you can leave some suggestions on what do you think i should write about. Should i do an advice post? with you guys asking about my thoughts and opinions then i will answer it in a blog post and keep your names anonymously?? more book review? or do you guys want to know more about me? wanting to know more about my childhood in Australia? or you guys have some questions about me? Leave a comment bellow letting me know what YOU want to READ.  I would love to see your response and i would love to interact with you guys.

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-Luminary Skylar




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  2. i ingatkan 'my muchkins' refer to your cat! ahah.. misunderstood.

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