Being an Only Child

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 Syahirah Skylar 9 Comments

Hello there readers!

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       Now, back to the title of this post.  Yes, i am an only child and this post allows you to know more about my experience and thoughts on being an only child.  When my friends found out that i am an only child, their reaction will be "Oh god, you are so lucky! i wish i was an only child".  While me on the other hand will look at her and in my mind i say "You really have no idea what it is like". Also, people can be a little judgmental and stereotype when it comes to an only child. Here are some statements and thoughts that people have on an only child.

"You must have been spoiled child and get everything you want!!

       No, i am not spoiled and i do not get everything i want.  I don't just say the things that i want and then in a blink of an eye it will be in front of me. No, that does not happen. I am not Aladdin and my mum is not a genie. I admit i do get certain things that i want but that only happens when it is something that my mum can afford and only if she thinks it is useful or how it will benefits me. You have no idea how many times my mum say no to things that i want back when i was little but i learn to understand that the things i want is not really what i need. Also, i am not the kind of girl that is very demanding on things that i want.  When i was at the age of 10 i wanted a nintendo DS but i know that my mum would never buy me one because to me it is expensive and my mum never give me any exposure to video games and stuff.  I looked through catalog and think how cool it would be to have one and that i probably won't get bored ever again.  It wasn't until i was 11 or 12 and most of my friends had one.  She started to consider buying me one knowing that i was always on my own whenever i had been tag along with her to events where there were bunch of adults and there were no kids that are my age.  So, she bought one as my birthday gift.

Only child are stubborn, bratty, selfish and always act like a boss.

      No, that is so not true.  Being an only child i really work hard on making friends because i had spend too much time being alone and i need friends to play and interact with.  When i spend time with my friends back then i don't really mind on what are we playing.  I always ask them on what they want to do.  I didn't make them agreeing to what i want to do or bossing them  I made them feel comfortable around me and just have fun.  Even when my friends, cousins or when my mum's friends who had kids came over to my house I let them play my nintendo Wii.  I don't really mind whether i get to play or not. All i want is for everyone to have fun and have a good time. Watching them play and have fun is enough to entertain me and it makes me happy.

"You are an only child. You are lucky that you don't have siblings for your parents to compare you with."

      Yes, that is true.  I do not have siblings that my parent compare me with but that does not mean i am lucky. I have a lot of friends complaining how they always get compare with their big brothers and sisters. Well, guess what? i get compare too. The only difference is that instead of being compare to siblings i get compare with my mum's friend's kids.  I still remember the time when my mum and i visit her old friend's house. In the living room there was this big shelf filled with medals, trophies and plagues belongs the old friend's kid.  My mum was amaze by it and somehow end up saying "When are you gonna get one of those?".  I was stunned and honestly i was hurt. I am not the kind of girl that is active in sport and my school doesn't organised much event and competition unlike the school that my mum's old friend's kid went to. It sort of make me feel like i am not good enough.

       One thing that most people do not know is that being an only child has a lot of pressure.  Parents will have high expectations on you since you are the on child that they have.  They want you to get good grades in every exam especially in their favourite subject in my case it is Math.  No one is perfect and everyone has their own weakness. When you end up not achieving those high expectations, your parents will be very disappointed and you end up being a little depress at times.  If you have siblings, the pressure a little less. For example, your parent is a lawyer and want to have someone being a lawyer too. They also want grandkids someday and want to have somebody supporting them financially and taking care of them when they are getting old.  Now, what if you don't want to be a lawyer or you don't even want to get married and have kids and you are having financial problems yourself.  Well at least you will have other siblings that would want to be a lawyer. Then you have this other sibling that are really responsible and independent they could support your parents and family financially. Then your have other siblings happens to found a partner that she end up marrying. While you on the other hand, get to do whatever you want since all your parents expectations are being fulfilled.

       Another thing about being an only child is that you get bored a lot. I mean think about about it. Most board games, sports and other games requires at least 2 people to play, Even though you can play video games on your own, it is way more fun playing it with someone. Am i right? Being an only child, you couldn't play those board games because you don't have siblings to play with and your parents are busy doing their own stuff.  A lot of people said that it is better being alone, you have your own personal space and privacy. That you don't have annoying siblings disturbing you.  Yes, that is true. I admit i do enjoy the personal space and privacy i have but when you're being on your own almost 24/7 it gets really bored and lonely and sometime felt like you have no life.

      All i am saying is that  even though your siblings can be annoying, there are the ones that somehow will help you in some ways. You might find your big brother or sister extremely annoying but soon when they go to college and move out you will miss them. The house will start to be strangely quiet and then somehow it starts to have this sombre vibe. The point is..appreciate the siblings you have, you are in some way fortunante to have them in your life.

 P.S. Feel free to leave a comment about your thoughts. If you are an only child comment              below whether or not you are going through the same thing i do. If you have                          siblings...comment on how many siblings you have and what are they like. I would love          to see your response.

- Luminary Skylar




  1. oh my... we are same (anak tunggal) and ... oh no aku rasa nak menangis baca entry ni.
    selama ni aku fikir aku sorang je rasa macam ni ..

    1. Well, you're not alone....and i am relieve to know that you are actually feeling the same thing i felt. At first i thought i was kinda insane for feeling this way....hahaha. Anyway, stay strong with the all pressure. Keep your head held high...and may everything work out for you :)

  2. thanks for sharing your experience i knew their feelings.i keep wondering bout it before.feel free to drop by my blog again.nice to meet you ^^,

  3. baru tahu anak tunggal lagu mna. but, don't worries. mne tahu rezeki dpt suami yang family ramai. haaa~ masa tu, jgn segan2 la yer.. haha *cre mcm pnah je*

    sy 2 dr 7 beradik yg 6 nyer perempuan. so, pergi asrama mcm asrama, blek rumah pun mcm asrama. haha tp seronok. jgn nangis tau.. hehe :D

    1. Yeah, true that! hahaha. Wow, 7 siblings? and 6 girls? talk about GIRL POWER! Who runs the world?? GIRLS!! lol...pardon me trying to be Beyonce..hahah

  4. I always think that my siblings are all annoying but to live without their presence will be lonely.

  5. Hello ira, im the only child myself, i truly admit about how judgmental people to us sometimes. I also found ur post about people skeptical thinking towards only child is very interesting. Can I copy the 'judgmental statement' above but comes out with opinion of my version? I will give u direct link as an inspiration of course. Please tell me how u feel about that? :D hehe.

    I'll drop u my link on the chatbox to contact.

    Happy eid mubarak ira. ^^

    1. Hello Eyqa, thank you for reading my post and i am glad that you find it interesting. Yeah sure! you can copy the judgmental statement and come out with your opinion. Do let me know when you posted it. i would love to read your version ^_^

      Happy Eid Mubarak to you too ^_^