Caught Up in a Dream

Thursday, April 28, 2016 Syahirah Skylar 2 Comments

Hello there readers!

        A few months ago i had post a so call poem that i wrote called Be Alright.  Based on the respond i had in the comments, you guys seem to liked it and enjoyed reading it.  I really appreciate all the comments given and it is wonderful feeling knowing that there are people actually like or enjoy something that i created or made.  Those comments and also knowing that you guys liked the poem just motivates me to write more poems and post it on this blog. Moreover, i decided to share another poem with you guys.

       Have you ever had a dream that felt so real?  All the actions and gestures in the dream felt so real. It could be a warm hug, a firm handshake, or a hand gently cupping your cheek, or maybe a finger slowly tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear. It could be anything. The person in the dream might be someone that you like or in love with.  It could be your lover, crush, someone that you just admire or maybe a celebrity such as actors or actresses. It could be an artist such as Justin Bieber or a member of your favourite band.  It could be a Youtuber or Viner that you love and adore.  You may had a dream that meet them in person and have this sweet moments that just make you so happy and overwhelming at the same time but in reality that person is miles away and did not know that you exist.
       You have this dream that is too good to be true but you really wish it is true and that it is real. Unfortunately, in the end you woke up disappointing when you realised that it was all just a dream but all the gestures that felt so real somehow brings the vibe and feelings that make you longing and attached to the dream.  It makes you wondering about it and it clouded your mind that you end up getting caught up in the dream.

Caught up in a dream,
That feel so real,
That i wish it is reality,
But seem too good to be true,

Dreaming of someone,
I am crazy in love,
Dreaming of someone,
I know i will never meet,

As i wake up to reality,
Hoping it was real so badly,
I never want it to vanished,
But it was gone,

I can still feel the vibe,
Keeping me drawn,
Getting attach and caught up,
In a dream that will never be true,
                                                                    - Syahirah Skylar

       So, this the poem that i wrote about 2 years ago.  I got inspired by this dream i had about a member of my favourite band.  It was Harry Styles from One Direction.  The dream i had felt so real. I can feel him touching my cheek and i can feel my fingers going through his hair. I woke up questioning myself on how come it felt so real. I was so caught up in the dream that spend most of day wondering about it and decided to put what i feel on paper and that is how this poem is created. I know i am not a poet and i am not Shakespeare but i hope you will like this poem as much as you liked Be Alright if not, more. 

       P.S. Have you ever had a dream about your fave actor/singer/band or Youtuber/Viner? If you do, leave a comment below. Tell me who you dreamt about and what was the dream about?  Did you felt that the dream was real? Comments down below. I would appreciate your response...

- Luminary Skylar


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    1. Hi, thank you for reading my stories. I really appreciate it and i had sent you an e-mail