Meeting 5 Seconds of Summer

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 Syahirah Skylar 9 Comments

Hello readers!

       Exactly 14 days ago on 1st of March 5 Seconds of Summer had landed in Kuala Lumpur International Airport for their Sounds Live Feels Live tour concert at KL Convention Center.  Exactly 14 days since i met them at the airport. For the first time ever in my life, i went to the airport to welcome a band or artist.  It was a last minute decision.  My mum was out station so i had to come home from college by train and then drive from the train station to home.  Once i parked my car at home, something inside me urged me to have a look at twitter.  I scrolled through the timeline and saw tweets and pictures of fans waiting for 5SOS.  In that moment, my heart started pounding and the feeling of excitement started to rise inside me.  I could not control the urge anymore so i started the engine again and drive straight to KLIA.
       Now, if you guys don't know who 5 Seconds of Summer is...they are a boy band from Sydney, Australia.  You may have heard their song Jet Black Heart kept playing on the radio for the past week because they were doing a concert here.  Also, some of you might know them when their song called She looks so Perfect and also Amnesia were famous back in 2014.  I started knowing them in the year 2013 when they were the opening act for One Direction (YES i'm a directioner.).  When i found out they were touring with One Direction, i was curious so i search them up on YouTube and that's when i heard their songs for the first time.  

       I listened to Heartbreak Girl and instantly fell in love with them.  The beat got me so hype up and somehow gets into my vein and it made me feel alive.  I know that sounds weird but when i listen to it i love their sound and the genre.  The song stuck in my mind and I could not stop singing Heartbreak Girl when i walked around in school.  I then listen to Try Hard and all of their other songs.  There wasn't much back then since they do not have an album yet.  I love listening to their song called Too Late.  You can hear it in the song how thick their Aussie accent are and listening to it takes me back to Australia.  Every time i miss Australia i will listen to their songs from their EP.  They made me feel right at home.  Since then i had been a huge fan of them and supporting them till now. 
Anyway, back to the story.  I went to the airport and thanks to the GPS i managed to drive there.  It took me about 30 minutes to get to the airport.  My heart was pounding the whole time.  Once i parked my car i quickly walked to the lift.  The lift seem to be taking a long time and i just could not wait any longer, so i took the stairs. Once i was at the right level i fast walking to the arrival hall and on my way there i bumped into Bee and Farisha who were waiting for 5SOS as well.  I started talking to them and we waited together for 5SOS and then later i met Farisha's friend, Ayra.
        After about an hour of waiting, i met Emily and Maddie who were from Sydney and Melbourne.  They flew all the way from Australia just to see 5SOS.  They were so friendly and super sweet and we had a good chat.  I also met Zira who was from Brunei and she is pretty cool.  It was overwhelming meeting all these people and it was not awkward at all.  It did not feel like i was surrounded by strangers, it felt like you are part of this community and it also feels like you're with a family.

       At around 8.30pm Luke, Ashton, Calum and Michael walked through the gate  along with the body guards.  All the fans were waiting by this barrier.  It was insane and the excitement just rush through your body.  I was this close to Luke and Ashton but i could not go nearer since there were so many people.  In that moment, my mind was saying "They're here....They are real..oh my god".  Sometime seeing your favourite band on magazines and on social media sometime makes you forget that they are actually real.  It all went to fast and after taking pictures and signing autographs the boys started walking out towards the door and head to their van.  Everyone started following and chasing them.  I got stopped by a bodyguard but i manage get passed him.
I was this close to Luke and Ashton.
       I walked towards the door where 5SOS were heading and instantly i saw Luke in front of me.  I walked beside him and reach out my hand slightly touch his flannel's sleeve. "Luke, can i please have a picture with you..?" i asked him.  He stayed quiet and look at me from the corner of his eyes and then towards the bodyguard who was guiding him. He seem to hesitate on whether he should a picture with me or following the bodyguard.  "Please..Luke, I couldn't go to the show tomorrow" i said.  He has this pity expression on his face and he  hesitated at first but then decided to lean towards me and smile for a second. It was too quick i couldn't get his whole face in the picture.  He continued to walk and i got stopped by a security guard again so i stop for a second and then continue walking next to Luke until he reach the van.  There were body guards guiding the van door and the last glimpse i had was Ashton sitting in the van holding his phone up while smiling as if taking a selfie.

       Even though i did not manage to get a good picture with Luke, it was surreal to actually be this close to him.  I did not manage to get near Calum and Michael but i did get a glimpse of them. It was such an insane experience that even though the van had gone i still had this rush of excitement.  We then took a group selfie with RD, the radio announcer from and he posted the picture on twitter.  I did not regret my decision on going to the Airport cause at the end of the day it was such an amazing experience.  It was a pleasure meeting other fans and made new friends.  We followed each other on twitter and instagram and hopefully we will continue to stay in touch.

       Ps. What's your favourite band or singer? Do you like 5SOS too? Have ever go to any concert or meet your fave at the airport? If you do...what was it like? Let me know down in the comments below :) 

-Luminary Skylar


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    1. Yeah it was, i still can't believe that it happened. Never had i imagine that it was possible to meet them.

  2. i do like 5sos too!! My fav songs from 5sos are voodoo doll & she looks so perfect ♥♥ btw you are so lucky!! :'))) i wanna cry right now!! :((

    1. Aww..dont cry..Vodoo doll and She looks so perfect are my fave too!! I felt like it was just a dream..cuz It felt too good to be real...

  3. Wowwww bestnya. Suka dengar lagu 5SOS. lagu diorg best =D

    1. YUP true...what are your favourite 5SOS songs?

  4. used to be a fan of 5sos and was planning to see them here but i have to cover a kpop event which happened on the same day as 5sos XD anyway, yeah, i have been to the airport to send off or greet my favourite idol and it is always different experience, based on who i greeted. whether they are taiwanese idol, korean idols or even tennis players, the situations are different, probably because of the fans lol.