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Tuesday, July 05, 2016 Syahirah Skylar 3 Comments

Hello Readers!

       Where have i been? is probably the question running through your mind when you have not see me posting in the past two months.  Wow..honestly i can't believe that i had been on a hiatus for two whole months.  Time is moving so fast. Anyway,  moving on! My last post was Caught up in a Dream and i posted it on the 28th of April.  It was the day i went to Seoul, South Korea (the picture above was taken in Nami Island by the way).  I stayed up packing until around midnight and wrote that post.  The next day i had to wake up around 4.30 am and went straight to the airport for my flight. It was a group trip with my mum's friends and their families. Anyway, in this post i would like to sum it up my life update in the past 2 months.

       A few days before i went to Seoul i had my best friend, Azyan coming over and we had a sleepover for a few days.  My one month semester break just began and she was a high school grad in in the middle of her gap months and just waiting for her college/university application.  We had been friends since 2008 back in Perth, Western Australia. Ever since we both moved back to Malaysia, we couldn't meet up as often as we were back in Perth.  Even though she lives around 15-20 minutes away from my house, we both get caught up school, exams and families. I only get to meet her during a long school holiday and if she's free she would join my birthday dinner and we would go watch a movie together.  Now that i already get my driving licence and that my mum had bought me a car, i don't have to depend on my mum to drive me when i want to go out and hangout with friends.  So, basically i was spending some quality time with her since we both are free and i wanted to spend as much time as i could with her before she enrolled into her University.

       She listens to Kpop and watch K-dramas and this made her in love with the country it self and the culture.  She was excited at the fact that i was going to step a foot in Korea.  During our sleepover she brought her laptop and we watched a K-drama call Kill Me, Heal Me. (thought of doing review of it. what do you think?).  She suggested me to watch it since i am planning to do psychology for my degree. The drama is basically about a guy who suffered in Multiple Identity Disorder. She also blast some K-pop songs to get me into Korea vibe before actually going there.  She introduce me to Shinee, exo and bunch of other K-pop artist. I guess it is just the way our friendship work.  We share and talk about things that we love. We may love different bands, listen to different types of music but we share updates of our interest and that's what makes our bond stronger.  She loves Shinee, i love One Direction but we always find a way to put both fit into our conversation. 

       My trip to Seoul, South Korea was splendid and enjoy every minute of it.  We visited a lot of places, made kimchi, dressed up in Hanbok and eat korean pancake.  I will tell you all about my trip soon in a different post.  In the meantime, you can go check out my instagram @syahirahskylar and see all the pictures i took from my trip. I got back from my trip on 2nd of May late at night. I was still in my korea vibe and Seoul was still in my soul.  I continue to listen to K-pop songs that Azyan had suggested and i grew to like  Shinee which i end up watching Shinee One Fine Day (if i'm not mistaken that's the title).  She then expose me to another popular K-drama call Descendants of the Sun.  I am so in love with the drama that i could not stop listening to the OST and the whole soundtrack for a whole month. I guess you can say that MAY had been such a korean month for me.  I end up watching Shinee Hello Baby! throughout my first week back to college.  I know the show is old but i wanted to know more about Shinee.  Another thing about me is that, sometimes when i start watching a K-drama i could not stop watching it and end up craving for more.  I end up watching To the Beautiful You cause Choi Minho (a group member of Shinee).  After that, i watch Cheese in the Trap and i still have not watch the last 2 episodes cause i had been busy with exam and assignments.  I also had download every episodes of Entertainer that i plan to watch during my next semester break in August.  Right now i think it is better for me to take a break from watching K-drama or any tv series and just focus on college and finals. 

       Earlier in June I manage to meet an old friend of mine, Anis (the one on the left side).  It has been 5 years since i last met her and i was glad that i finally get to see her again. Anis, Azyan (the one in the middle) and i had been close in 2008. We always have sleepovers during school holidays it sort of a must thing to do back then.  It felt good that the 3 of us reunite again.  Meeting each other now just made us realise on how fast time flys and how much each of us has grown.  It's funny how 8 years ago we were obsessed with High School Musical and Hannah Montana.  We use to sing HSM songs and dance to Hannah Montana games on my nintendo Wii.  It's funnny how we cringe at some embarrassing things that we did back then.  So many memories we had created and those memories are precious treasures that we will keep forever. 

       That's it for now.  I hope things are going great for all of you who are reading this right now.  Please leave a comment below on whether you guys want me to do a review on the K- drama mentioned in this post. Also, if you have any question regarding my trip or about me or anything at all, feel free to ask. I'm an open book and i will be glad to answer all of your questions. Your response are very much appreciated :D

-Luminary Skylar




  1. Welcome back to blogging :) xxx

  2. Loved my trip there too! I came back slightly earlier than you which was 22nd April :D

    Travelog will be up soon! :)

  3. I wish you post more photos of you going to Korea!