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Saturday, November 14, 2015 Syahirah Skylar 4 Comments

Hello there readers!

       I decided to start a blog.  Well actually, i started a blog a long time ago back in 2010.  I was 13 back then and blogging was a common thing among my friends.  I enjoyed writing and reading other people's blog and also getting to know their insight.  After about two years of blogging i started to slack off a bit and then became inactive throughout 2013.  I have not been blogging since then and it has been two years now.  Which is why this post is call "A New Leaf Online". I am turning over a new leaf, a new blog and i am making a fresh start on blogging online.

Why do i want to start blogging again all of a sudden? 

       Well, I find blogging a good way to express myself and it keeps me occupied.  I know i had been slacking off before but i have found new inspirations after reading Bailee Madison's tumblr post and read Girl Online, a novel by the famous female YouTuber and blogger, Zoe Sugg also known as Zoella.  It reminds me of how i use to love blogging and that i shouldn't just stopped.  I logged in to my old blog and had read what i had been posted. The blog kinda seem childish to me now and back then i wrote my post in mixed language which is in Malay (my first language) and English.  The blog doesn't seem like me anymore.  I feel like i am totally a different person now. Well, not completely but i had been growing up in the past years so my thoughts, perspective, and interest changes a little.  Which is why i am creating this new blog called LUMINARY SKYLAR and i am going to write this blog in fully english because i dont just want to share my post to only malays...i want to share it with everyone...no matter where they are from in this world.

Why is it call Luminary Skylar?
       First of all, Skylar is not my real name but i had use it a lot online when i talk to people from other countries. They have difficulties on pronouncing my name so i decided to give myself a nickname that is easy for others to pronounce and i wanted it to start with the letter 'S' since my real name starts with letter 'S' too.  I just feel that keeping it with the same first letter will keep me grounded to my actual name. In the end, i came up with the name Skylar and had been using it for almost two years now. I like the name and i like to think its my english name. 

       Now, Luminary. Luminary means a person who inspires or influences others. It also means a body or object that gives light and it also mean a celestial body, as the sun and moon according to astrology...if i'm not mistaken.  Anyway, i just like to stress the meaning on a person who inspires others and object that gives light.  I want to inspires others to have a positive perspective on life.  Life can be complicated but i believe that each one of us are strong and capable in dealing with life.  We just have to find that strength.  I know that it is not that easy...but i believe that the strength is deep somewhere inside each and every single one of us.  This is my big dream...to be able to inspires others.  Even if i might not be that inspiring to you...i want to be a light that somehow lightens up your day and your mood  for a certain period of time or maybe just a gleam of light when you are in the dark.  Anyway, I am not perfect and i have my flaws too but this is just my dream...because Life is Beautiful...no matter how complicated it can be...

So...this is like a comeback for me.  Have you ever stop doing or become inactive in something you enjoy doing?  Feel free to leave comments on what you enjoy doing and also if you somehow had stopped doing it...are you planning to start doing it again?  I would love to see the response.

- Luminary Skylar


  1. hye luminary skylar,
    i really love this blog!! <3 your blog is so stylish.
    so when i was in form one, i had a blog. i was a bit excited to share all my stories on my blog. like you said, my blog seemed childish too. i remember one of my entry was about i was very happy because my teacher gave me a comb of bananas. its ridiculous right? besides, i was in love with his son hahahha so that was the main reason why i was so excited. i dont know, but after that, my friends hated me. they left me alone. then, after all that happened, i decided to delete my blog. & about a year later, i make a new blog hahahha with a new vision. do not care about what people say. it is your blog, your story. if they like or not, let them be :))

    1. Hey Sabrina,
      Thanks, i really appreciate your compliment on my blog. Hahaha....thats a nice story. Well we all do ridiculous things when we were younger. I am glad that you start blogging again. You should always do what you love and enjoy. Most importantly do whats makes you happy. In this world we can't always please everybody. So don't worry about what other people think and don't let them stop you from doing what you love. In the end of the day....you are the only person that have the power to make yourself constantly happy.

  2. hi dear, I'm like you. Have been blogging since 2008 on and off. Deleted my blogs probably 3 to 4 times. Now starting again since august 2014. Also trying my best to blog in English though I'm pretty suck at it. Ahaha. following here.

    1. I'm glad to know that i'm not the only on. hahaha. Good to hear that you start blogging again and i am sure your english does not suck. It's not easy when it comes to writing. We all tend to make some careless grammar mistake but in order to improve it...we must keep on writing :)