4 Tricks to Style your Nike Shoes

Tuesday, July 05, 2016 Syahirah Skylar 2 Comments

                                                                Hello Readers!

         Today, how about we talk about shoes? not just any shoes..but Nike shoes. Nike is known worldwide for its reputation as the biggest sports shoes manufacturer in the world. It never fails to produce the best selection of trendy sneakers that is comfortable and can be owned at a very affordable price too. Even if you are not fancy of sporty look, sneakers from Nike can be a part of your go-to shoe selection. Let’s see some outfit ideas and tricks to style your Nike shoes!

       As of now the fashion world is overwhelmed with street style trends. You can still be delighted heavenly with a neutral ensemble by recreating the street style look with your favourite Nike sneakers. Pair your kicks with a leather jacket, knee-length dress and some accessories to achieve the look. If you need another good excuse to wear your skirt, this look says it all that there is another brilliant way to style your favourite feminine piece with a sports shoes.
        Another way you can style your Nike shoes is by putting some school girl elements with a youthful look. You can try do this by balancing your skirt with a stylish long blazer and a crop knitted sweater giving it a smart casual look. Add on accessories and your Nike sneakers to complete the look.

        If you love a simple casual street style look, you can style your Nike air force with a plain white tank top and denim short.  Add on a spiral/chain necklace and a stylish sunglasses as your accessories to complete the look.  Such a perfect look for the summer for you to go out and spend the day in the great outdoor whether at a skate park, a public park, or simply just walking around the neighborhood. 
       Nike has taught us that we can be stylish while staying functional with their best selection of shoes. The simplicity of this look makes us cringe with excitement – trendy jumper, a pair of black trousers, coat and Nike Air Max sneakers. This stylish look can be your go-to look when it comes to walking in the city street and the Nike Air Max sneakers will provide comfort to your feet.

       PS. Do you own a pair of Nike shoes? How do you style them with your outfit? Leave your comments down below and share your tips.

-Luminary Skylar



  1. I don't own a pair of Nike shoes, however love these looks - great post! <3

    Lauren | Sincerely, Lauren Emily

    1. Thank you! i'm glad that you love these looks ^_^